Let me tell you my story; I have never depended on man for anything in my life. All I know, all I am God has made me to this day. When I started in music, I depended on God and the gift of prophecy that He has given me. The anointing that He has set upon me and all I do everyday is to show people what God can do if you let Him work for you 100%.

Today my new single release audio alone has reached over 48,000 views all over the world and some of the countries it has reached people in amaze me. And the song continues to grow. This is without anything else apart from asking God to send it forth to His people.

When you trust in God and depend on Him, there is nothing you cannot do. This is how Moses got to divide the red sea. Because when you fully, 100% trust in God, you are telling Him there is no other way. It is either His way or no way and surely as the sun rises and as the it sets, your future becomes clear.

This is just a form of encouragement from me to you that God can do anything. Depend on Him, give Him your heart, and totally believe in Him and He shall do anything for you and your life in Jesus name!!!!


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